Thanks for chiming in as a man. I usually appreciate men’s comments in women’s articles. Regarding what you said, I do partly agree with it. However, regarding this following part:

“Having sex early on in a relationship may be enjoyable, but that shows the guy that you are willing to compromise your moral standards and are untrustworthy. There is no way I would commit to a girl that I viewed as a slut.”

The irony is, it is men who typically push for sex early on to a woman, makes sexual comments to her, asks her questions such as how kinky is she, or ask her to send him sexy pictures of herself. His reasoning is that he needs to have an idea of her sexual ability and the chemistry between them, as well as to fulfil needs which he will seek from another woman anyway. So women do these things before establishing total trust with the man, whether or not how they feel about it.

Another thing is, men and women are both highly sexual creatures by nature, who desire intimacy as a way to really connect and enjoy being with another person besides the reason of fulfilling their needs. I know women in conservative cultures who have a strategy that they will remain virgins till marriage, bear heirs for their husbands, after that they are free to take lovers in secret. This strategy has worked for millennia for women throughout history, so they can have what they want, and also be viewed well by their husbands and by the society. To break these ridiculousness, we have to acknowledge women’s need for sex, connection and pleasure with men, without out-casting her ability to pair-bond and be committed to the right man she finds worthy to commit and stay with. It isn’t only men who lead by their inner instincts in such matters even if they are good men, women are just the same.

Would you feel better that a woman chose to be fully loyal and sexually committed to you, rather than being pressured out of obligation? Its like how a man may do certain things for a woman, such as spend a great deal of money on her, which she thinks is a sign of his commitment and affection to her and that melts her. But she may not realise in her lack of attunement that in reality the man is doing so for the woman out of obligation to make her happy with him, meet her expectations, but with zero emotional sentiment, so despite the woman taking him spending his money on her as a sign of his commitment, in reality it means next to nothing for him, only that he feels accomplished for achieving the goal of making her happy with him.