Wow this is so inspirational😊😄🤩. ( actually It’s so confusing if I don’t use names, I’m gonna use fake names, mah bf that I dated for three weeks let’s just name him jack and mah ex aka was mah best friend is gonna be named John) I’ve been dating mah bf for three weeks and he was really romantic to meh and would constantly text meh, and mah parents don’t allow meh to date so I went behind their backs😞😔😅, they found out I was dating him and I had to break up with him I couldn’t tell him so I told mah John to tell jack I “wanted to break up with him” so it’s been about 5 or 6 days since we broke up and out of nowhere John said that jack really misses me, wants me really bad, feels lost without me, cares about me, still has a heart with me and that he wants to get back together but I have no contact with jack, and John helped me out with that so me and jack got back together and it’s been almost three weeks since we got back together, at first when we got back together he was a little romantic but over the past week he’s been distant, not as romantic as he was before but he says he loves me more then he did when we first started dating and that he wants us to stay together, says I’m the best girlfriend he could ask for, that he would never break me, I mean the world to him, he says he will never stop loving me, I make him the most happiest boy in the world, he loves me with all his heart, he sees us as the cutest couple, I asked jack if he talks about me to his friends and he says yes and I asked him about does he says he he replied with he usually says how I’m the best and how much he loves meh, I also asked him on a scale from 1 to million how much does he love meh and he said a billion, and when ever he would “upset meh” (I can overreact a lot and I’m very emotional😅😭☹️😑) jack would say Baby I am sorry you know I love you, ( I love love love using emojis they just express me😅🤩😄🙃 I would have used a lot but I’m trying to make this short as I can😅) he says he will never cheat and never get mad at meh, he say he likes giving me his attention, and he also likes it when I text him first😑😂🤭, so the last time I heard from him was almost 4 days ago😱😨🤭😑😅 I started to think he’s cheating on meh, doesn’t love me anymore, doesn’t care, and that he’s losing interest in me, but I have read some websites saying not everyone is gonna talk everyday and if he doesn’t say anything for two weeks then I know something is wrong so I think this concludes mah life😅 I tried to make it short don’t judge me😑☹️😔😅